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Atlanta Trucking Accident Law Firm

Within the past two decades, trucking accidents in the United States have increased due, in part, to a higher number of people on the road. The push for globalization has also led to an increase of trucks on our nation’s highways, roads, and freeways. Together, these two factors have led to a greater number of serious trucking accidents each year. Trucking accidents are often far more severe with higher fatality rates than passenger car collisions due to a variety of factors, including momentum, weight, and height.


If you have been injured due to a trucking accident, there may be a number of parties at fault. This makes trucking accident claims more complex than other types of personal injury cases. The Utley Law Firm, LLC, has the experience and skill to aggressively advocate for you after an accident. We do everything we can to hold the liable party or parties accountable, offering a proactive, timely, and cost-effective approach for our clients.


Need a 18 wheeler accident attorney in Atlanta or the surrounding areas? Call the Utley Law Firm, LLC, at 404-831-2921 today to get started with a cost-free consultation.

Who Is Liable for a Trucking Accident?


A truck’s driver is usually not the only party that can be sued for damages. When trucking accidents occur, there are a number of parties that may be at fault.


Parties that may be held liable for a trucking accident include:

  • The actual truck driver

  • The driver’s employer

  • Manufacturer of truck or parts

  • Shipper or loader of cargo

  • The company that owns/leases the truck

Proving liability when more than one party may be accountable can be overwhelming for the ordinary individual. When dealing with the extensive injuries and other consequences of an accident, you are likely not equipped to also handle a complicated commercial trucking accident claim.


Trucking companies will hire their own investigative teams, experts, and lawyers to defend themselves, which is why it’s essential that you turn to an experienced Atlanta trucking accident attorney for legal assistance. You and your family should never have to take on big companies in court. Our law firm can navigate legal proceedings and manage all records and documents as your advocate and representative.


Proving Liability in an 18 Wheeler Accident 


Federal laws govern the trucking industry, separating them from car accident cases. Federal law requires evidence to be preserved after an accident, but only for a limited time. Our Atlanta trucking accident law firm will work to establish liability, as well as ensure no evidence is destroyed and a thorough investigation takes place.


The trucking industry also maintains that drivers operate under safe conditions. When the driver or any of the above parties fail to meet these standard safety precautions, accidents may occur.


Common causes of trucking accidents include:

  • Driver fatigue

  • Excessive speeding

  • Overloading

  • Texting or using a cellphone while operating the truck

  • Overworking

  • Tailgating

  • Defective truck parts

  • Lack of proper training/supervision

  • Unrealistic quotas

  • Drivers under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

Utley Law Firm, LLC, is dedicated to investigating the true cause of your accident. Our firm will work tirelessly to gather evidence, witness testimony, documentation, records, and more so that all parties responsible are held accountable.


Free Consultations from Our Experienced Team


Our Atlanta-based 18 wheeler accident attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to navigate these complex claims. We promise that new potential clients speak and work directly with our attorneys are not passed along to case managers. We have recovered millions of dollars so allow us to help you and your family during this confusing and stressful time. Contact the Utley Law Firm, LLC, for outstanding legal representation and the compassionate guidance you need.

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